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Tante aus Deutschland

Tante aus Deutschland HD Video, 39’25”, 2019 Video preview „Tante aus Deutschland“ (Aunt from Germany) is a semi-fictional character and a central figure in contemporary folk narratives of…

Contact Address: Grbavica bb, Brcko 76100 Bosnia and Herzegovina or Studio 883. , 2. OG, Halle 4+5 Lankwitzer Str. 14-15 D – 12107 Berlin  

We have a wonderful life


10m2 Photo project, 2018 – ongoing 469 photographs of logs cut down from the local woods and burned for heating during the winter period. It is a continually…

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday 12 photographs, 2013 It is a common occurrence during celebrations in our culture to slaughter and cook an animal and widely considered that “If you do…


Neighbourhood Video installation, 2013 Very often the contemporary living conditions in a family or society are representing a mirror of historical processes. In the neighbourhood, we all have…


Hooked Installation, 2015 Variable dimensions, metal hooks

Burned Field

Burned Field 35mm analogue photographs, variable dimensions, 2017 Exhibition view Ground Control, R E I T E R Gallery prospect, photo by    


Doubles, 9 pairs of photographs, variable dimensions Description and exhibition view under the work We have a wonderful life           


Pool, 25 analogue photographs, 18x13cm each, 2014 Description and exhibition view under the work We have a wonderful life