Exhibition view: 59.October Salon (Belgrade Biennale), photo by Jovana Trifuljesko

Made in Bosnia (Make it in Germany)
LED neon, 200 x 30 x 2 cm

“Made in Bosnia (Make it in Germany) work refers to an official portal of the German government aiming to inform and recruit skilled workers from abroad under the slogan „Make it in Germany.“ Panić critically, and in a tragic-comedic way, questions the categorization of migrants into groups depending on the possibilities they offer for the destination country. What does it even mean to “make it” in the context of migration, why is leaving seen as a success? Thus, Panić‘s work not only reveals the many subtle nuances of migration processes but at the same time points to the hypocrisy of immigration policies in the Global North.”
Text by Veronika Mehlhart

Exhibition view: ‘Cleaving the Wind into Fragments’; photo by Stefan Stark