Burning Field
HD video projection, 106‘ , 2017

The video is recorded in real-time, showing the intentional burning of the field.
The work presents the field which is supposed to be mine one day, as a family inheritance. It is common in the Balkan region to burn crops and weeds on the fields after the autumn harvest, an annual (illegal) process to clear and fertilize the land for the next year, or at least many believe it to be so.

With this work, I am asking what my responsibility is towards my heritage and inheritance in the situation of displacement. Our relationship to the landscape often speaks of a longing for the land we are familiar with, which was, or is ours, and has defined our sense of ourselves.

The longer one watches the more intense their anxiety and lethargy becomes and this duration becomes a coexistent with the weight of the field.


Exhibition view, Abrakadabra, 6. Moscow International Biennial for Young Art, Moscow, Russia

Exhibition view, Bauhaus100, Gaswerk, Weimar