Tante aus Deutschland

HD Video, 39’25”, 2019

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„Tante aus Deutschland“ (Aunt from Germany) is a semi-fictional character and a central figure in contemporary folk narratives of southeastern Europe. She is the goddess of migration, the symbol of success, money and a good life somewhere else. Almost every family has a „Tante“ or knows one, and the stories that circulate create the contemporary migration myth that most often takes place in Germany.

The complexity of this character serves as the motivation for my work in progress – migration and the narrative surrounding it. I start from my direct experiences as a migrant in Germany, juxtaposing them with the encounter of certain cultural constructs formed by the region I come from and reflected in my current position. Living and working in Germany are associated with concepts such as better living, stable income, and security, but on the other side integration problems coming with it are blurred.

The video work records the discussion between me and my aunts that arrived to Germany 26 years ago. We discuss this status symbol, it’s reality, the constant aspiration for a better life and through the interview model, they advise me on the next steps of how to ”better integrate” into Germany society and personal anxieties including the feelings of responsibility, guilt, expectations, and thoughts of return.

Exhibition view at MA*GA Museum of Contemporary art of Gallarate, 2021


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