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Hooked Installation, 2015 Variable dimensions, metal hooks

Burned Field

Burned Field 35mm analogue photographs, variable dimensions, 2017 Exhibition view Ground Control, R E I T E R Gallery prospect, photo by    


Doubles, 9 pairs of photographs, variable dimensions Description and exhibition view under the work We have a wonderful life           


Pool, 25 analogue photographs, 18x13cm each, 2014 Description and exhibition view under the work We have a wonderful life


/ˈwɒndəlʌst/ XIII Biennale of Young Artist – MoCA Opening: May 19th 2021 Museum of Contemporary Art Skoplje, Samoilova, Skopje 1000 North Macedonia   To travel aimlessly from place…


Mila Panić’s (1991, Bosnia and Herzegovina) practice questions the existing narratives of diaspora and issues related to the phenomenology of place such as the expanded notion of belonging,…

We have a wonderful life – installation

We have a wonderful life Mixed media,2014 We have a wonderful life is a multimedia project consisting of a six- channel video installation, photographs and objects. In an…

No pig – no party

No pig – no party installation, iron skewer, electricity, 2015 No pig-no party is a common saying and it is considered as tradition in for celebration in Balkan…


Seascape HD video, 49min Created during Roja Art Lab, Latvia The video is a time laps from recordings of horizon throughout 7 days. Each day I recorded 7…

Südost paket

Südost Paket 2017 – ongoing installation, sounds ​​ The installation is created from common objects sent to me by my family. They form the communication and the cultural…