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Hooked Installation, 2015 Variable dimensions, metal hooks

Burned Field

Burned Field 35mm analogue photographs, variable dimensions, 2017 Exhibition view Ground Control, R E I T E R Gallery prospect, photo by    


Doubles, 9 pairs of photographs, variable dimensions Description and exhibition view under the work We have a wonderful life           


Pool, 25 analogue photographs, 18x13cm each, 2014 Description and exhibition view under the work We have a wonderful life


False Clouds Link The group exhibition highlights different forms of environmental pollution.National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina 10 September — 20 October 2022 Opening: 9 September 2022 curated…


Mila Panić is Bosnian born artist and stand-up comedian. The artist’s practice ranges from personalized documentation to highly poetic visual and discursive elements, from drawings to family videos,…

We have a wonderful life – installation

We have a wonderful life Mixed media,2014 We have a wonderful life is a multimedia project consisting of a six- channel video installation, photographs and objects. In an…

No pig – no party

No pig – no party installation, iron skewer, electricity, 2015 No pig-no party is a common saying and it is considered as tradition in for celebration in Balkan…


Seascape HD video, 49min Created during Roja Art Lab, Latvia The video is a time laps from recordings of horizon throughout 7 days. Each day I recorded 7…

Südost paket

Südost Paket 2017 – ongoing installation, sounds ​​ The installation is created from common objects sent to me by my family. They form the communication and the cultural…